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Jan 21, 2013 6:30am EST
that are in better condition than, say, last week's "boston globe" which is probably already yellowing and bill. so thanks to the raglinen paper on which they are printed, thanks to the institution that bound them into volumes, we have these wonderful printed accounts of what transpired during the american revolution. what i tend to do is i also look for newspapers that others might consider trash, where they are extremely eat up. they have holes, they've lived a long life, and through fire and flood and war, and so they are torn and tattered a little bit. i partnered with one of the top paper companies and d.c., the head of conservation in the major museum, to restore these newspapers as close to their original condition as possible. you can do some amazing things with old paper. for instance, a hole at the bottom, completely fill. stains are reduced. these papers can be preserved once again. so at the beginning of the book, i point out that there are no photographs of the american revolution. we have photographs of the civil war and every major war thereafter, but not of the american revolution.
Jan 1, 2013 7:00pm EST
. the first newspaper printed on american soil successfully with the boston newsletter in 1704. it wasn't until 15 years later we had the second american newspaper printed, also in boston, the boston gazette. coincidentally, the next day the third newspapers started in philadelphia the american weekly mercury. circulation, the top 100 newspapers in america our circulation is approximately 200,000. at the time of the american revolution, the circulation is approximately 600. that sounds awfully low, but keep in mind these newspapers are also not allowed in taverns in meeting houses and private homes, so most subscribership or circulation may be low, actual readership is quite significant. distribution. we have internet, telephone, tv and radio today. back then it was done primarily through horseback and ship, commonly called paca boats. the timeline here today news is instantaneous. its on demand. you can flip open your phone and have almost real-time news is your fingertips. 200 plus years ago, the news came up, the news came weekly. i'm sorry, the news came weekly said the time like we
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
the second american newspaper printed also in boston "boston gazette." the third newspaper started in philadelphia. circulation, the top 100 newspapers is approximately 200,000. at the time of the american revolution, the average circulation was approximately 600. that sounds awfully low but keep in mind these newspapers were also read allowed at meeting houses and private homes. while circulation might be low, actual readership is quite significant. distribution, we have internet, we are temp, i'm sorry, tv and radio today. back then distribution of newspapers was done primarily through horseback and ship commonly called pack -- the timeline today news is instay contain use. it's on demand you can flip open your phone and have almost real time news at your finger tip. 200 plus years ago the news came weekly, and -- i'm sorry the news came weekly with a time lag you find news anywhere from a day old to several months old. a large paves the amount of transit time that had to go how far the news traveled to reach that printer. for instance, you might have news coming from ascroses th
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am PST
quote . well, a fire on board one of them right after landing at boston airport is raising new alarms this morning. the good news is, the fire happened after landing. >> yes, big deal there. >>> and million-dollar murder. the mystery surrounding a lottery winner's death, just one day after he scored that winning ticket. >> very strange. we're going to get to that. >>> we begin with breaking news from gabby giffords. two years ago today, she was shot with so many others in a tucson parking lot. since then, there have been 11 mass shootings in america, including the tragedy in newtown, so fresh in our minds. after visiting the families in newtown, gabby and her husband, mark kelly, sat down in an exclusive interview to announce a new national initiative to prevent gun violence. >> we saw you in newtown. how was newtown? >> tough. >> it brought back a lot of
Jan 15, 2013 12:35am PST
online lion under a state of emergency we spend 48 hours inside boston's hardest hit emergency rooms. children, parents and doctors are fighting a raging flu outbreak. >>> shrink that bill. want to pay less but keep talking? our phone company insider has secret tips and he saved this family over $1,000. >>> and it may have won big at the golden globes but "argo" is sparking international backlash. iran is making their own version of the hostage drama. >> from new york city this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> the country is in the midst of one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory with 47 states reporting widespread cases. boston is struggling to manage the sheer number of patients and lindsay davis spent 48 hours with the doctors and patients in boston's emergency rooms. >> fevers as well? >> on and off, yeah. not any higher than 102. >> reporter: cassie looks how many in boston feel. this two-year-old is in boston children's hospital emergency room. >> she's a toddler with a cold. she'll kick it soon but it has gotten really bad. >> reporter: dr. ann steck recognizes the symp
Jan 28, 2013 10:00am PST
to the boston school of music, where your musical career begins. student: the boston school of music has given me everything that i wanted in a school. the boston school of music has just been my home. and, because of that foundation, i'm able to be what i want to be. what's going on, bec? sorry. is it too loud? a little. turn it down so you don't wake up dad. the faculty is very high-quality and i think students have some wonderful opportunities. so, are you going to this school? yeah... if i get accepted. i'm applying to other colleges, but this is my first choice. ( playing jazz ) hey, they're pretty good. yeah, this school is one of the best... announcer: make your dreams come true at the boston school of music. apply now! narrator: now let's review and discuss the story. rebecca casey. i'm rebecca casey. she's a singer. yes, she's a very good singer. ♪ i've got some dreams i'm going to hold on tight ♪ ♪ i'm traveling light... speaker: and she has a boyfriend. his name is matt. so, about our date on thursday...? i'll pick you up at 7:00, o.k.? sounds good. she is going back to school
Jan 24, 2013 10:02am PST
this place. sure you are. boston's been your home for 28 years. when i think about leaving, i get butterflies in my stomach. you'll be fine. yeah, you'll be o.k. i hope so. ( mumbling ) you're talking to yourself. it's an old habit. boy, you have a lot of bags. maybe i shouldn't take all this stuff. well, bt what if i need it? i hope we can fit all these suitcases into the car. we have to! oh, i have some things to show you. here's a list of what needs to be done on a regular basis. put out the garbage, recycle the glass and the cans, the newspapers and the cardboard. don't put anything... dad's on my case about all of that. you need to help him keep the place clean, buy the groceries... i'm starting to realize how nice it is to have a big sister around. this will be perfect. it's going to be kind of strange without you. ( coughing ) ♪ go to sleep ♪ the stars are brightly shining ♪ ♪ go to sleep... ( knocking ) hi. are you all packed? almost. i want you to have this. dad! another present? what is it? mom's necklace. do you really want me to have this? it's beautiful. thanks, dad. i'm
Jan 1, 2013 1:00am EST
successfully was the boston newsletter in 17 four. it wasn't until 15 years later that we have the second american newspaper printed, also in boston, "the boston gazette." coincidentally, the next day, the third newspaper started in philadelphia, the american -- circulation. the top 100 newspapers in america average circulation approximately 200,000. at the time of the american revolution the average circulation was approximately 600. now that sounds awfully low but keep in mind these newspapers were also read aloud in taverns and private homes in so while subscribership or circulation might be low, actual readership is quite significant. distribution. we have internet. we have telephone, or i'm sorry tv and radio today. back then the distribution of newspapers was done primarily through horseback and ship, commonly called tech abodes. the timeline. today news is instantaneous and on-demand. you can flip open your phone and have almost real-time news at your fingertips. 200 plus years ago the news came weekly. i'm sorry, the news came weekly and so the time like you would open a newspaper
Jan 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
in one state, in massachusetts. where the city of boston has now declared a public health emergency, and it's now a big front in the spread of this flu during this already mean season. tonight we want to begin with our chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman. she is at briggaman's women's hospital in boston. nancy, good evening. >> good evening, brian. influenza is putting a stranglehold on communities around this country, and tonight i have to tell you that i've now been in two large city emergency departments in this two days and i've never seen anything like this in the united states. at boston's briggaman's women's hospital, veteran e.r. nurse jana gil has seen it all. >> i've been working here for 27 years in the er. >> but she has never seen a flu season quite like this. >> we have seen a huge increase in patients coming in, with the nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and upper respiratory infections with the fever and cough and body aches. >> i am declaring a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> boston's mayor is warning the threat is very serious. so far this season,
Jan 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
that caused the arteries in his arm to constrict. do you have any idea why house would want to go to boston? the chowder? plane tickets, this friday. i opened his mail. i heard there's an opening at harvard for division chief, infectious disease. well, ambition's not one of his more prominent traits. although... what? well, he was testing blood in the clinic. don't think it was a patient's blood. why, it was green? no, he was checking for routine stuff. makes sense if he's looking for basic medical clearance for employment. [sighs] i'm going home. no, you're not. he could show up any minute. not with a savant to obsess about. i'll take in here. bedroom's down the hall. you've been here? where else would the bedroom be? come with? you're scared of him catching us breaking into his home, but you're not scared of him catching us doing it in his bed? [deep breath] if i'm gonna get fired anyway... almost at the heart. no bleeding. and...done. heart rate's 160, it's accelerating. he's at 210. he's in supraventricular tachycardia. paddles! charging. clear! [shock] we're wasting our time! his high
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
to check out what is going on around town there we did a walking tour of boston. >> it is a very old city and if you like history, the burial ground along the freedom trail is a must stop. along the freedom trail very much to see. on the boston harbor a familiar sight. this is the u.s.s. constitution. it marks the early settling of the city back in 1630. pure fun across the street, an ice rink sits in the shadows of the massachusetts state house. you can see where the la alternatives were hung for the midnight ride of paul a veer where the decision was made to host the boston tea party. the burial ground is in the middle of downtown boston, only 2,000 vizzable gravestones. >> i often spend a significant portion of my tours here at the burial ground because so many famous american patriots are buried here. >> john hancock was the first governor of massachusetts. >> tim is a tour guide for the freedom trail foundation. he says heel you'll find ben franklin's family and the foot stone of paul revere's grave. >> an aebb chents hebrew tradition. >> there is even what is left of mother goose, r
Jan 19, 2013 9:00am EST
to take a look outside at the weather. >> folks headed up to the boston area providence, boston, something like that. here is where it is right now at fox borough at the airport another by. 38 degrees southwest wind breezy snow showers north of boston right now. what about tomorrow evening? it won't be as warm as sdrern. we expect a temperature range of 28 to 33 during the game with partly cloudy skies a breeze west 10-15. gusty during the day. the winds will be diminishing during the evening. still the windchills will be in the teens to near 20 or so. it is going to be a long night tomorrow night as far as the weather is concerned. we will see how the game turns out. we are looking for a good game there. we will be talking more about that coming up. >> the road to new orleans makes a stop in fox borough massachusetts. they will duke it out tomorrow night to advance to super bowl xxv xxvii, 24-hours from now the stayed yummed will -- stadium. the purple caravan road through town yesterday and pumped up fans all day and all night for a special purple friday. it is a surprise full effect. >>
Jan 20, 2013 10:00am EST
-- is anchor growing up was the catholic church. being irish catholic in boston, he needed an anchor your he was born in east boston, as a kind of local royalty. everybody knew his mother's family and his father's family. his father was a well-known, prominent boston politician, and very well respected, very well admired. and a very successful businessman. joseph p. kennedy went to boston latin. he was a star. he went out with a pretty school in boston who also happened to be the mayor's daughter, who he would later marry, was a star on the baseball team, everybody knew who he was. he was class president. then he went to harvard. and again, he felt part of the community. half of his class at boston latin went with him to harvard. 10% of the student population were catholic, and a large number from boston that the new from public schools. it was only when he graduated from harvard in 1912 that he understood for the first time, but not for the last time what it meant to be the irish catholic son of an east boston politician. he wanted to go into banking, into finance. he didn't get a job. he d
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
officials and boston have declared a public health emergency after the flu is blamed for 18 deaths in massachusetts. our region is not immune to the concern. they have seen a significant spike in flu cases. tom roussey is live. >> they have 700 confirmed cases of the flu compared with just 70 all of last season. from new england to parts of the midwest and our area, they are bracing for problems to get worse before they get better. >> the mayor sounded the alarm. >> today i am declaring a public health emergency and in the city of boston. >> there are now 24 our wits to be admitted and when you do see a doctor they will be wearing protective masks. >> it has been a problem for us where we have seen unprecedented levels of hospital crowding. >> it is not just boston, one pennsylvania hospital is so inundated with the flu they set out a special tent outside to deal with patience. in minnesota where they have already had 1000 confirmed cases, they are trying to stop everything -- there are trying to do everything to stop the spread. >> doctors warn you may be contagious for up to five
FOX Business
Jan 10, 2013 11:00am EST
more coming up including a report from boston on this flu outbreak. keep it here. connell: you look at things down in washington and capitol hill seems to be concerned like we all are about this hard-hitting flu virus sweeping the nation because the california congressman sent a tweet out a picture of himself getting a flu shot, telling his followers to keep an eye on the cdc's website. dagen: at least he's not crying. after boston's mayor declared a public health state of emergency, congressman mcgovern tweeted the flu season is hitting massachusetts hard. some great information from the cdc on what you can do to stay healthy. fox news's molly line is live at boston medical center with much more. how bad is it, molly? >> connell and dagen, it is a very serious situation here in the city of boston, so serious that the officials here have declared a public health emergency. 700 people across the city have been diagnosed with the flu this flu season. that is compared to just 70 last flu season. they are urging people to go out there and get their flu shot. the mayor saying it is the b
FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 2:00am PST
of cases. in boston the mayor declared a public health emergency with 700 confirmed cases in the flu. compare that do last season just 70 cases. in ohio one hospital is requiring all patients with the flu to wear masks there. more on this flu outbreak and a live report from boston in a few minutes. >>> labor secretary is resi resigning. she is the 5th to resign before the president's second term. obama says solis helped strengthen the economy but was too pro union and not cooperating with businesses. >> the irs internal watchdog says now is the time to simplify the tax code. the country's chief tax payer advocate says the code itself is the most serious problem that is facing taxpayers today. individuals and businesses spend 6.1 billion hours a year. it equals 3 million of us working full-time just to deal with us. republican controlled house vowed to try to over hall the tax system. >> the they reveal the widow of the molottery winner battles he husband's familiar loifr tover his estate. after he died she tried to cash in his lottery check. as a result kahn's brother froze the check
Jan 5, 2013 6:30pm EST
for boston whaler. >> technicians who work in the yards are coming back to work to fix boats. people are buying boats so people are hiring sales people. we're seeing our business and dealerships grow. >> reporter: it's not just the intaskt sandy helping to boost come. tom dammrich is the president of the national marine manufacturers' association. >> the consumers have had frugality fatigue. those who have the money and have jobs and are feeling confident with their future are ready to spend. >> reporter: that's what robert ludwig is doing here today at the boat show. >> i have $70,000 in my poact ready to spend on a new boat. >> reporter: overall the boating industry is forecasting a 10% increase in sales this year, but with so much dock space destroyed by sandy new boat owners could have problems finding a place to moore their new. s. >> axelrod: peter, thank you. still ahead, no sounds of silence for whales in the shipping lanes. i have the flu... i took theraflu, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is theraflu doesn't treat your cough. what? [ male announcer ] a
Jan 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
normal. (dr. obyedkov) nurse! nurse! [sighs] there's a consent from boston for the cancer drug trial. any description of the process of previous trials? yep. any chance it'd work? no. it's not even designed to work. why would he-- it's designed to treat depression in terminal cancer patients. he doesn't seem depressed. [door opens] [noisy sigh] okay, let's assume that i am dying. which i specifically told you not to assume. could we at least assume that i'm not dying tomorrow? whereas this kid, pet revealed several more hot spots, but they're non-specific. how can you focus on him? it's the only way i can cope. pet also showed a left brain that's working hard. harder than the right? wouldn't be worth mentioning otherwise. bleeding in the brain. blood would irritate the lining, might cause the seizures to get worse. yes, he needs an angiogram to look at the vasculature inside his brain. we'll get right on it, as soon as we're finished here. don't get up. i got it. you're busy. continue. you know what my team is doing right now? no. they're trying to figure out what's wrong with me. what's
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
stopped taking nonemergency patients because of the influx of flu patients in boston the flu outbreak prompted officials to declare a public health emergency. >> significant rates of hospitalization, more serious than the last two years. >> reporter: near philadelphia, one hospital has a triage tent outside to treat patients with flu symptoms. tamiflu is in high demand and short supply in parts of texas. your best defense, roll up your sleeve. >> vaccine is a good vaccine it does match well to the flu types in the community. >> reporter: given the strength and speed of transmission of this year's flu strains, health officials say the window to get the flu shot is closing fast. chicago, steve brown, fox news. >>> another big story we are following, dozens ended up in the hospital today after a ferry crashed in lower manhattn. it was carrying commuters fromnew jersey to new york when it crashed into a dock. it occurred when many passengers were standing getting ready to exit the ferry. >> no warning, coming in a normal way, instead of stopping we came right through. >> the ferry recentl
Dec 31, 2012 5:30pm PST
an individual candidate's performance. >> woodruff: from boston, hari sreenivasan reports on a city- wide effort to keep kids engaged in education through meaningful work experiences. >> we're starting at the very early ages to try to help young people speak. that is a direct relationship tbeing successful in school and being successful in your life >> woodruff: and we close out 2012 with two takes on history, first, a look at the emancipation proclamation on the eve of the 150th anniversary of president lincoln's action to end slavery and the civil war. >> woodruff: plus michael beschloss and richard norton smith talk about potential historical turning points of the past year. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supportg science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by con
Jan 12, 2013 1:30pm EST
that is stored at the kennedy library in boston that has been closed to researchers in washington. we will see the book when it was between hardcover and not before. and i won't be coming back to you for permission and whatever i find, i will use in the book. he said, okay. then it took 18 months to get all this in writing. and i was off and running. i found the more remarkable story and i imagine i would find. the story of a man who moves back and forth being outside and inside. i found the third-generation immigrant who cared little about the country that his grandparents had been born in and who no desire to visit ireland or read about it and considered himself 100% american and could not understand why anyone would think of him as less than that. he went to mass every sunday and confession. in the catholic church was the anchor of his existence. everywhere he went, he found out where the church was. when he went on vacation, he talked about confession being on friday. i mean, this, in one sentence, he grew up as the son of a very respected businessman and leader in east boston. he was the
FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 1:00pm PST
-related deaths this winter, and boston, already declaring a public health emergency. fox 2 has the latest from the boston medical center. hey, mol molly. >> there have been 700 people with the flu diagnosed here in boston. up a great deal over last year at this time when there were just 70 people diagnosed. so the authorities have gotten together in boston's mayor and the health officials and declared this a public health emergency and urging people to get flu shots and take precautions and they're hoping to kind of stop this in its tracks because it is an overloaded area hospitals. 18 deaths statewide, four deaths in boston. that compared to just one death here in the city last year. officials with the boston health commission also say this is a particularly tough strain of the flu. >> the type a h3 viruses are associated with more severe illness with influenza seasons that start earlier and they go on a little bit longer and involve more people. reporter: going to be tougher for folks who come down with the strain of the flu. the cdc saying the flu shot out and available right now here in th
FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 3:00pm PST
no, tea party in boston. as flu hammers the bay state. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >> bret: the flu outbreak affecting much of the united states is jamming emergency rooms and keeping people from work and school. the map is amazing. massachusetts is feeling it now. correspondent molly line is in boston tonight. >> 700 cases of the flu compared to 70 this time last season, most are trying to deal with massive influx of patients. >> i am declaring a public health emergency in city of boston. >> reporter: the mayor is joining with health officials to sound the alarm. >> we have a terrible problem on our hand with a lot of people sick with flus. the 700 cases are confirmed cases but there are thousands of other people who are sick with influenza illness. >> statewide, 18 people died. four flu victims
Jan 4, 2013 5:00am EST
originally called. the boston redskins, the boston giants, the boston titans or the boston braves. >> i know. >> i'm sure you know but we have to give our viewers a chance. >> don't google it. >> we'll share the answer coming up around 5:15 this morning. >> plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all your top stories this morning. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now. >>> you are also helping us getting geared up for the big game on sunday with the help of the pictures that you are sending in. take a look at this cutie. looks like this little lady is ready. mackayla's mommy send in this picture. she looks so excited. look at her. upload your pictures and videos on our web page. just look for the link under the sports tab or e-mail them to us at redskins at >> and you know fox 5 ahas all your redskins coverage this sunday. it starts at 3:30 and it is kickoff time at 4:30. >>> taking a live look outside at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. wash is excited about the skins. and washington has also been excited that they actually got a deal done on the fiscal cliff, of course.
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am EST
this morning." boston declares a flu emergency and the nra meets with the vice president to talk gun control. cnn's piers morgan is here. he's generated so much anger, the white house has had to react. >>> baseball hall of fame voters send a message on steroids saying no to everyone. >>> plus, the oscar nominations revealed in a new way. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >>> i am declaring a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> a deadly flu outbreak spreads nationwide. >> the number of flu cases is getting worse. the virus killed 18 people in massachusetts. >> all 50 states are affected and at least 41 states have a widespread outbreak. >> cough a lot, sneeze a little. i've been in bed all day. >>> the president and i are determined to take action. >> joe biden plans to meet with the national rifle association. >> he wants to advance his agenda through executive order. >> the president can do almost anything he wants to. the question is will he get away with it. >> the prts's cabinet continues to take shape. >> later, hild
Jan 6, 2013 9:00pm EST
at north when he was offered a job at boston university. but he continued to flash back to the south. he took part for example and freedom summer in 1964 and flew back any number of times in order to attend some of the strategy sessions. but it is true that once the movement began against of the war in vietnam that he also felt very strongly about that and his energy began to divide, you know, she never forgot about the black struggle or ceased to have full sympathy with it. but the demand on his time tended to be more in regard to the vietnam. >> host: before we talk about what he did in opposition to the war we can talk about him getting fired from spearman college. this is an interesting episode of his life and it is certainly related to the civil rights that he did. what was going on at spellman at the time? >> guest: spellman had a black president at that time named albert manly, and it's only since the book has come out as a result of the conversation with someone. i've changed my perspective and he and so vividly howard and his family were packed up in the summer of 1963 ready to
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
on the mailing label saying it was going to boston. the hand written address said to san francisco. so... you can imagine the state of confusion that resulted. >> so efrk is auto maigs these day autos he says the package was trapped in an endless loop. every time it arrived in san francisco, the post office scanned it and sent it back to boston. roger tracking it online. it crisscrossed the country. it went from boston to new hampshire, out to san francisco, then, back to boston again. and it just kept going into the same circle for nearly a month. >> it started to wonder how long is this going to go on? is it going to stop? >> roger contacted postal service and he says no one knew how to stop sending the box back to boston. >> they said just wait. if it doesn't get delivered after five days give us a call back. >> it didn't and post office told him to wait. instead, he contacted 7 on your side. >> a concern is that it's going to be a at that timered mess. that beat up broken lens inside of it we contacted the postal service and folks there came up with a plan to rescue the box from that cycle. >
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am PST
are staying on. >>> this year's deadly flu outbreak is worsening nationwide. the flu is so bad in boston the city has declared a public health emergency. free vaccinations are now being offered. ines ferre has our report. >> reporter: the flu hasn't been this bad in boston for years, more than 700 cases have been confirmed so far and statewide 18 people have died. city health officials are preparing for it to get worse. >> in the last two weeks alone we've doubled our number. so if we continue this rate to see new cases, we'll have an explosion of flu in the city of boston. so we really need to get ahead of this at this point in time. >> reporter: but it's not just massachusetts. cbs confirms the 48 states. nationwide the number of people going to the hospital with flu symptoms has doubled in the past month. >> we're seeing in our region patient volumes and acuity levels greater than the peak of the h1n1 flu epidemic we had about three years ago. >> reporter: while this flu season has been a moderate to severe one so far, it's still within what they consider to be
Jan 16, 2013 2:30am PST
facing big league drama. we'll explain why boston's former manager is calling out the owners next in sports. >>> plus -- >> i want it now. i want kate now. i want it now. >> what's wrong with him? >> the folks over at bad lip-read treat us to what they do best. this time the nfl gets the treatment. we'll show you that and get a check on that nasty forecast in the northeast when "way too early" comes right back. >> the 28 countries with forces in the gulf area have exhausted all reasonable efforts to reach a peaceful resolution. i have no choice but to drive saddam from kuwait by force. we will'fail. [ male announcer ] staples is the number-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now get $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle when you spend $50 on hp ink. staples. that was easy. but kate -- still looks like...kate. nice'n easy with colorblend technology gives expert highlights and lowlights. for color that's true to you. i don't know how she does it. with nice'n easy, all they see is you. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstat
Jan 10, 2013 4:30am EST
of the huge quake we all felt in august 2011 2011. >>> boston, massachusetts has declared a public health emergency all because of this amazing flu that's sweeping the country. this year's flu season started earlier and is hitting harder than it has been in recent years and that's putting a strain on the health care system. >> it's not just massachusetts. 44 states are reporting widespread flu. nationwide the number of people going to the hospital with flu symptoms has doubled in the past month. >> reporter: the flu hasn't been this bad in boston in years. more than 700 cases have been confirmed so far and statewide 18 people have died. city health officials are preparing for it to get worse. >> in the last two weeks alone, we've doubled our number. so if we continue at this rate to see you in cases, we'll have an explosion of flu in the city of boston. so we really need to get ahead of this at this point in time. >> reporter: but it's not just massachusetts. cbs news confirmed that 44 states are reporting widespread flu. nationwide the number of people going to the hospital with flu symp
Jan 9, 2013 11:35pm PST
llegó antes de lo previsto, boston se declara en emergencia. >>> la carta de jenni rivera genera dudas de quiénes pueden recibir su herencia. >>> el alguacil joe arpaio genera su propio plan de vigilancia de escuela y también los detalles de cómo pasajeros y tripulantes ataron a pasajero que se descontroló y tenemos un final taurino, comenzamos ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisión edición nocturna con ilia calderón y enrique acevedo ♪. >>> muy buenas noches, a cubrirse nariz y boca, el centro para el control de enfermedades ha declarado que la influenza ha llegado antes y con mayor intensidad de lo previsto y todo apunta que la situación se empeore en las próximas horas . >>> declaro la emergencia pública de salud en la ciudad de boston así lo anunció el alcalde de boston y dice que su ciudad enfrenta una severa temporada de gripe, los últimos reportes indican que al día de acción de hoy en su ciudad se han superado en un 10% los casos en comparación a año pasado, el alcalde die que la población tiene que vacunarse porque las vacunas son gratis >>> tenemos horari
Jan 12, 2013 5:30pm PST
seen four times more flu cases than last year. in boston, officials report a tenfold increase in the number of cases. across the country, the latest tally shows the flu is now widespread in 47 states. we have two reports tonight on the impact and the effort to stop the epidemic in its tracks starting with nbc's gabe gutierrez inside an emergency room in brooklyn. gabe? >> reporter: good evening, lester. this is now the worst flu season here in new york since 2009. more than 19,000 reported cases so far. and because of that escalation, today the governor decided to make the flu vaccine more accessible to children. for at least the next 30 days, pharmacists, not just doctors and nurses in new york state, will be allowed to give flu shots to patients older than 6 months. before they could only vaccinate adults. the governor's order comes after the death of 20 children across the country, since its flu season began a month earlier than usual. at the medical center er in brooklyn, one in three kids has been showing up with flu-like symptoms. this morning, it was the last place youn
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
international runway in boston just before takeoff. another pilot spotted the leak. >> that's japan air. i don't know if they know. it but they have fuel or something spilling off the out board wing there, quite a bit. >> and again in boston on monday, a different japan airliner experienced a fire. they said they have extram confidence in the dreamliner. former pilot and safety informant has confidence in the plane. >> we certainly can't blame the airplane for a battery. you are 2ing to say who manufactured that battery? >> and he has seen fuel leaks off the wing before. he doesn't have the data from this week's insurancent did, but it can -- incident, but it can happen if the plane is over fueled for a long flight and the pilot makes a sharp turn on the runway. >> i see nothing in the events that are common or you would say is a serious event and that's what is important. >> with new planes it just takes time to work out the bugs. >> i would have no problem getting on that airplane, flying it or riding anywhere on it. >> and i talked to a spokesperson, and they said that after the battery fi
Jan 10, 2013 12:00am PST
splashed 40 gallons of jet fuel off its wing on to a logan international runway in boston just before takeoff. another pilot spotted the leak. >> that's japan air. i don't know if they know. it but they have fuel or something spilling off the out board wing there, quite a bit. >> and again in boston on monday, a different japan airliner experienced a fire. they said they have extram confidence in the dreamliner. former pilot and safety informant has confidence in the plane. >> we certainly can't blame the airplane for a battery. you are 2ing to say who manufactured that battery? >> and he has seen fuel leaks off the wing before. he doesn't have the data from this week's insurancent did, but it can -- incident, but it can happen if the plane is over fueled for a long flight and the pilot makes a sharp turn on the runway. >> i see nothing in the events that are common or you would say is a serious event and that's what is important. >> with new planes it just takes time to work out the bugs. >> i would have no problem getting on that airplane, flying it or riding anywhere on it. >> and
Jan 10, 2013 2:00am PST
in decades. at least 36 people are dead as the virus has spread to 40 states. boston is declared a public health emergency. they have had ten times of all last year's flu season. >> it has come back and rather fiercely. >>> boston will offer free vaccinations this weekend inspect. in some areas, some schools are temporarily closing. experts warn that we haven't reached the peak. >>> vice president biden's task nors aims at reducing gun violence, including the powerful nra, sources close to the talks say, expanding background checks for gun purchases. yesterday the vice president met with victims groups vowing that the administration is determined to take quote, immediate action. >> i want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion, unless we can do everything we're going to do nothing. it's critically important we act. >> south carolina congressman jeff duncan fired back at the white house yesterday releasing a statement, saying quote, the founding fathers never envisions executives orders being used to restrict our constitution rights. >>> governor cuomo yester
Jan 10, 2013 2:30am PST
of the states colored in red are reporting quote widespread flu activity. >> reporter: at boston's brigham hospital, veteran nurse has seen it all >> i have been working here for 27 years in the e.r. >> reporter: but she's never seen a flu season quite like this. >> we have seen a huge increase of patients coming in with nausea, vomiting, diarrhear, coughs, body aches. >> reporter: boston's mayor is warning the threat is very serious. so far this season, there have been approximately 700 cases in this season alone. across the united states, schools in some areas are temporarily closed or postponing extracurricular activities. now some hospitals are restricting visitors or prohibiting them all together. and it's getting worse >> it's come back early and rather fiercely. so, we're having a moderate to severe influenza season. >> 63-year-old beverly moss said her symptoms started suddenly >> it was like something hit me like a mack truck and i just felt sick all over, aches and pains immediately. chills, fever, no appetites. >> her prescription for recovery, oxygen and fluids. she's still one
Jan 24, 2013 8:00am PST
northeast. i spent a little bit of time in boston. i had a career before i came to fema to 0.5 years ago. boston and san francisco are similar in many ways. you have a mayor that is passionate about emergency management. you have a group of people in emergency managementç not onlyn the city but in the state and in the region that get it. çççwe have a lot to learn fr. çtoday we are going to be talkg about the national disaster recovery framework. as the mayor said, this is the whole community. as nancyç said, itç was a new fought forç -- newç thought fr fema. it is not new in the city of san francisco. it is not new in the city of boston. it is not new at the local level to get things done weather in response or in recovery, you have to work with not just the federal government, the state governmentç, the local government, theç tribes. you also have to work with the nonprofits, red cross, salvation army, many more. you have to bring in the faith- based community. it is huge what they are able to doç on a daily basis with a sml emergency. it may be in somebody's hom
Jan 31, 2013 4:30am EST
the eastern seaboard. winds are pretty light, but boston, wind gusts of 49, hartford, 41. the windchill in roland, north dakota is minus 49. i know they canceled some schools in this region. mean us in 30 to 40 all across the region today. the southeast, i know you had the tornadoes today in north georgia. also tennessee, today's day of cleanup with sunshine. still it will be windy but dry. that's a look at your national forecast. now, here's a look outside your window. >>> boston, massachusetts today, very warm, rainy this morning then it will be windy. the cold front will go through. the rains will stop but the rains will continue. that's the bottom line for all of new england. very difficult at the airports as you'd expect. a lot of people flying just across the country talking about how bad the turbulence was everywhere. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins earning his paycheck. >>> tempers are rising after the military strike in syria and hezbollah. >>> plus, she performed at the inauguration now she's another victim of chicago's growing murder rate. and police want answers now. "early
Jan 5, 2013 7:30am PST
developed a citywide water supply system. sullivan: in 1630, boston was basically three mountains, there were very steep hills. waste would run down quickly and dump into the harbor. and the tide would carry most of it away. well, this worked well for a while. the problem was, as boston wanted to expand, it started filling in the mudflats. the water could come rushing down the hill, it would hit the flat area and slow down. at high tide, it couldn't get out at all. it got so bad that the city took over, 'cause the city has a responsibility to protect its citizens. boston built the first modern sewer system in the united states. ours was completed between 1877 and 1884. with this wonderful new sewer system, we were taking our filth and moving it out to the ocean. of course, all of this was untreated. in the 1960s, we were still pumping all of our sewage out to moon island, untreated. we would get swimmers here, never knowing, in the middle of summer, why you would have a cold. well, we were swimming in diluted sewage. melosi: the major way to deal with pollution, at least until ear
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